7 Days of Domination

7 Days of Domination is a marathon educational event bringing together Kink Professionals, Lifestyle players, and potential clients for a week of presentations, Q+A, and general debauchery. Our primary purpose is, and always will be, to put Femdom-forward programming in front of eyeballs and give back to our communities. 7DOD allows us to provide free/low-cost education for Sex Workers, and provide thousands of dollars to SW-specific fundraisers and organizations.

7 Days of Domination brings you the specialties of some of the world’s top Pro Dom/mes as they shed their light and their knowledge on a series of topics and skills within BDSM. Every night (for about an hour) a different Dominant will highlight a skill or concept, explaining what it is, why folx are drawn to it, how you go about working this into your play, and the main questions - What's, next? The daily dose may expand upon a concept, theory, or skill. By no means can our featured presenters give a Masterclass worth of info in less than an hour. Think of it as an eye-opener and microscope into one professional’s practice.

Above all, 7 days of Domination introduces you to a myriad of styles. This series is intended for both submissive, dominants, switches, perverts, those looking to go pro, and those looking for pure entertainment value. we’ll take you all…and maybe you'll end up learning something out of it. Whoda’thunk?

Hell, at least it gives you a reason to tell the different days of the week apart.

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Private instructors

7 Days of Domination brings you the specialties of some of New York’s top Pro Dommes as they shed their light and their knowledge on a series of topics and skills within BDSM


Each class functions as a standalone workshop, so you can watch any given class without having seen another in the series. 

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Our learners can benefit from learning with their peers, no matter their experience level.

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Our certified trainers will unveil the little-known techniques to nurture your online adventure at a very affordable cost. Maya Jones, Viktor Woodard, Alysia Baldwin & Beatriz Kennedy are fully qualified teachers with extensive practical and specific knowledge of their fields.
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