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7 Days of Domination brings you the specialities of some of the worlds top Pro Dom/me/mx's as they shed their light and knowledge on a series of topics and skills within BDSM. Each segment highlights a skill or concept, explains what it is, why folx are drawn to it, how to go about working this into your play, and the main question - what's next?
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What our students say about us

I've been a pro-domme for years and even I learn new shit all the time from 7DOD
Nikita Reign
There is no better or more affordable kink education platform, hands down. 
Mistress Molly
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Frequently asked questions

What courses do you offer?

7 Days of Domination offers everything from the physical skills, like bondage, to the soft skills, like inclusive negotiations, and all the way to the conceptual - Femme Supremacy or Kink as art are just a few of our classes

Are there previews of each course?

We do not offer previews, however you can watch most of the After-Talks with each presenter on our instagram.

When is the live class?

We offer Live (virtual) classes 3x a year - sign up for our newsletter or follow us on twitter to get first dibs on that - but all live classes are recorded, and you'll be able to watch them on-demand immediately after the presentation is finished. 

Is this just for Pro-Dommes?

While all of our presenters are Pros, our students have a wide range of interests, experiences and kinks. Pros, lifestylers, kink-curious, clients, allies, researchers, and fetishists have all enjoyed our classes
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