A No Frills Guide to making Domination a Career 

Consider us the older siblings you never had or the ones you wish you had. We’re your fairy Dommemothers. Whether you are using this workbook as a guide alongside our in-person bootcamp or you’re doing a self-study, we want to prepare you to figure out what works for you, as well as provide the kind of community that's necessary in this industry be it your full-time vocation or a side hustle. You don’t have to be alone if you don’t want to.

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Forming a plan towards the career of your dreams

The Baby Dom/me/mx Bootcamp workbook is a practical, step-by-step guide focused on the business side of professional Domination through the lens of harm reduction. We can’t guarantee success but we can guarantee your emails will be easier to manage.

Let us guide you through all of the unsexy parts of professional domination. We cover everything from advertising to boundary setting, to financial planning. 
  • Marketing, Advertising, and the bare minimum you need to get started.
  • Pre-session admin and why emails will be the bane of your existence
  • First Time Sessions of Idiots
  • Maintaining client relationships

What people are saying about Baby Dom/me/mx Bootcamp

Baby Dom/me/mx Bootcamp covers a lot of useful ground for anyone entering sexualized labor—whether they want to dominate professionally or engage in other forms of sex work--and does so in a world where much of the information on marketing, running a business, and keeping ourselves safe has been obliterated by the effects of SESTA/FOSTA."
Jessica Stoya, content creator and writer
What a gift the BDBC is! So much dynamite advice conveyed with wit, wisdom, and a ton of heart, aimed at newbies, but with plenty of refresher info for the pro. If the wonderful world of Professional Domination is calling you, this is your trusty roadmap to guide you every step of the way.
— Lola Davina, former Professional Dominant, and author of the Thriving in Sex Work series
In a world where corporate tech interests and brutal criminalization make this industry ever more disorienting, 7 Days of Domination has managed to do the unthinkable: demystify the world’s most mysterious profession.
— Tina Horn, author of Why Are People Into That? A Cultural Investigation of Kink
Lola Jean and Shayla Lange have transformed their popular weekend event into my favorite form, a workbook! Baby Dom/me/mx Bootcamp includes tips and questions to guide aspiring professionals through many of the important aspects of building a business thoughtfully.Baby Dom/me/mx Bootcamp will make a great addition to your kinky biz library!
— Princess Kali, author of Enough to Make You Blush and Authentic Kink

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