Empress Wu

“I want it to be indistinguishable where I end and where you begin”
Ashley Paige

"That's the beautiful thing. I don't need to do anything to deny you."

Isabella Sinclaire

"That very first part of the session really sets the tone for how everything else is going to go."

Simone Justice
Cupcake Sinclair
Volume IV - Processing Pain
Amberly Rothfield
Faustine Cox
Volume IV - Sensual FinDom

"Set up your nets and getting ready to receive the good stuff."

Mistress Alexxxia
Volume III - FemDom Hypnosis
Bettie Bondage
Volume II - Piercing Play

"You know like Swiss cheese on someone's ass. It's really cute, but it heals.”

Nikita Reign
Volume II - Teasing

“While flirting implies interest in another person, teasing has the intent to excite the other, exert power over them, create confusion, frustration, and even embarrassment which is beautiful.”

Vivienne Vai

"Negotiations give us a space to give and receive the necessary information, but it is also an opportunity for us to connect before we play, to build rapport to get a sense of the other person's energy before playing."

Mia Action
Dia Dynasty

"The true femme supremacy is a more holistic approach and takes into consideration the whole person that is your bottom or your submissive"

Gretchen Manors
Volume IX - Is it Kosher?
Tina Horn
Sinclair Sexsmith
Goddess Nyx

"Your body truly is a weapon."

Ferris Oxide
Mz Kim Lee
Robin Silver
Volume XIII - Meditation for SW
Athénaïs Nin
Volume XIV - Lactation Play
Tristan Taormino
Volume XIV - Bang 'Bangs
Katarina Pierce

"This thing that is gross supposedly about me is something that you want to honor and you want to worship”

Oran Julius

"So much of kink is evaluating our risk profiles, and what we feel willing to do to experience these sort of fucked up joys."

Mistress Natalie King

“Enemas are a great way to suffer and endure pain with no marks. For a lot of people, marks are a big issue. Enemas are a great way to really push somebody physically."

Mistress Blunt
Volume XIV - Mommy Issues
Mia Darque

"Teach Yourself these programs, learn how analytics work for you. Use those same things to be tactically agile in the world that you were trying to keep up with."

The Villanelle
Tara Indiana

“If you had a bad session, when you came out of the session, there was a roomful of women that totally understood, and were there to validate it and and could understand you."

Amazon Maddox

"Fear Play is more about the excitement of fear than of the fear itself."

Jet Setting Jasmine

"Passive Income is the type of income that makes me wet"

Cleo Ouyang 

"You're being seen through the eyes of someone who knows how to see you, through the eyes of an artist."

Klara Manson
Odette Engle
Neena De Ville

"Recognize where you need to improve, but don't dwell on it. Just keep moving, just keep pushing forward, work within what you can do, and promote that”

Jessa Jordan

“We all have butts and ass is always a great literal ass-et to work with.”

Miss Mackenzee
Volume IX - Chemical Play: Feel the Burn!
Volume X - ABDL
Alexandra Snow
Veda X
Natasha Strange
Lucy Hart
Lola Davina
Mira Maven
Lady Euphoria

"When I am a dominant I am like a guide. I am not going to do all that labor, but I will guide you through the labor."

Elena De Luca
Daddy An Li

"I am a fucking testicle gremlin."

Mistress Roxanne

"I love to dress myself up. Femininity to me feels like something that I put on. It's like a there's a very performative element to it for me."

Princess Kali

"Desires are not a single facet checklist. We need to stop treating them like they are."

Darla Devour
Satanatrix (Lady Vi)
Lucy Sweetkll

"Daddy energy similar to big dick energy. You can have big dick energy without having an actual dick."

Audrey Fatale

"While BDSM may be therapeutic, it is not therapy"

Michelle Lacy

"We're not in an instant industry where we do something and tomorrow it's happening. We need to develop a reputation for ourselves with good reviews, submissives online singing our praises from good sessions, videos that they can watch, just to see that we really are what you know who we say we are."

Andre Shakti
Volume IV - Fisting
Sybil Fury

"Devotional practices are where the dominant draws on symbolic, physical, meditative states of focus to access parts of the dominant and submissive psyche"

Mistress Velvet
"I'm making this distinguishment that black from domination is a source of liberation for us."
Ballerina Goddess
Madame Rose
Volume VIII - Distance Domination
Mistress Fae
Volume X - Kinky GFE
Syenite Song
Rogelio Ruckus
Wiley Wolfe
Kat Kortes
Jade Thunderstorm
Volume XIII - Tarot & BDSM
Volume XIV - Mommy & Care Fetish
Dasha Bond
Volume XIV - MILFS
Dr Ash Dark
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