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Pissboarding with Empress Wu

If you're a fan of fear play AND watersports, have we got the THING for you... looking to take your torture scene up a notch? Empress Wu will give you all the safety so you can pissboard with confidence.



46 minutes



What you are going to learn

Get out your raincoats... we're expecting showers.

Forced consumption, fear play, unhinged intimacy, humiliation, and worship are only some of the ways pissboarding can weave into this fantastical and fearful fantasy.
Throughout this course you will learn

  • Mitigating risk with inherently unsafe activities
  • Understanding the mind space versus physical space for pissboarding
  • How to up the intimacy in a torturous scene
  • How to practice before executing your scene
Empress Wu is an Asian-American professional dominatrix based in NYC who specializes in breathplay, edgeplay, and psychological BDSM scenes.
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