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How did 7 Days of Domination come to be?

7 Days of Domination was a happy accident of the Covid-19 Pandemic! We had a lot of kinky energy and not knowing where to put it we created a 7-day marathon event calling upon our friends and colleagues to talk about the topics that excite them most. We crossed our fingers and hoped that it would entertain and educate people stuck at home. Turns out in that first week, we had over 120 people from all walks of life who wanted to learn from the best in the business. Above all, what was born out of the wild success of Volume I was community. BDSM education is often gatekept and only accessible via whisper networks. Our goal is to make kink education as accessible as possible–especially to SWs–while providing an avenue to connect, learn, and form meaningful relationships with others in the community, no matter where you are.
Let us help you get through the week with something to look forward to….every. damn. day. 
7 Days of Domination brings you the specialties of some of the world’s top pro dom/mes as they shed their light and knowledge on a series of topics and skills within BDSM. Each segment highlights a skill or concept, explaining what it is, why folx are drawn to it, how you go about working this into your play, and the main questions - what's next? 
The ever-growing library of BDSM knowledge boasts 14 Volumes and over 90+ classes and counting.

Our Vision

We wanted to create accessible education for SW that creates community while closing the gap of the traditional gate kept training
Above all, the 7 Days of Domination introduces you to a myriad of styles. This series is intended for both submissive, dominants, switches, perverts, those looking to go pro, and those looking for pure entertainment value. we’ll take you all…and maybe you'll end up learning something out of it. Whoda’thunk
Our team

Meet our team

Lola Jean
Sex Educator, Fetish Wrestler, Producer, & World Record Holder in Volume Squirting.
Shayla Lange
Pro-Dominatrix, kink educator, and owner of NYC’s largest Woman-owned dungeon.
Social Media & Community Manager
Pro-dominatrix and marketing/branding professional (really good at bullying and making things cute)
topics & courses
different instructors
donated to SW related charities

Frequently asked questions

What courses do you offer?

7 Days of Domination offers everything from the physical skills, like bondage, to the soft skills, like inclusive negotiations, and all the way to the conceptual - Femme Supremacy or Kink as art are just a few of our classes

Are there previews of each course?

We do not offer previews, however you can watch most of the After-Talks with each presenter on our instagram.

When is the live class?

We offer Live classes 3x a year - sign up for our newsletter or follow us on twitter to get first dibs on that - but all live classes are recorded, and you'll be able to watch them on-demand immediately after the presentation is finished. 

Is this just for Pro-Dommes?

While all of our presenters are Pros, our students have a wide range of interests, experiences and kinks. Pros, lifestylers, kink-curious, clients, allies, researchers, and fetishists have all enjoyed our classes
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