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Exercising Inclusivity in Play/Consent Negotiations with Vivienne Vai

The kink space is diverse but, is it inclusive? Vivienne Vai brings us a thoughtful talk on how to make Play & consent negotiations more than diverse. You'll want to listen if you've wondered what more is possible in this space.



67 minutes



What you are going to learn

Consent negotiations are often a first step to BDSM play.

Start off on the right foot by helping your language and approach be less leading and more inclusive.
Throughout this course you will learn

  • Common assumption you should stop making in negotiations
  • What questions are leading
  • The importance of language for your clients/partners

Vivienne Vai

Heartbreaker, Ballbuster, BDSM and Consent Coach 
Heartbreaker, Ballbuster, BDSM and Consent Coach
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