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Carry-on only with Mistress Shayla Lange

Turn any room into a dungeon that can be set up and broken down easily, by using household items and some neat tricks.



57 minutes



What you are going to learn

Ever walked into a hotel room and said “I really wish this had more of a dungeon vibe?”

Airline luggage restrictions keeping you from traveling with your favorite gear?Wondering how to smuggle obvious toys into conservative countries?Mistress Shayla Lange, a babe who’s done her fair share of covert kink, has, through trial and error, built a “go bag” that’s infallible.
We’ll talk about setting a scene, turning every piece of furniture into a temporary torture device, and go over how to pack so you don’t get flagged by TSA or customs.
Shayla Lange is a Pro Domme, kink educator and owner of Chez La, a commercial dungeon and film studio in NYC. Her specialities include: hard sports, zany role plays and giggling mercilessly while her subs cry.
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