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Video & Clip Marketing with Lucy Hart

Your videos and clips took a lot of effort to create, make it worth it with a sound strategy.



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Mama Hart has been on all sides of the camera when it comes to clip making...

Now, you don't have to go and build an entire network like Lucy did, but her experience in collaborations, teasers, what works vs what does't will help you create a marketing plan that works for you so you can maximize the lifetime value of every clip you plan, shoot, and create!
Lucy began her entertainment career in 2007 as a kinky man named Lance Hart when she responded to an ad on a blog looking for person to wear a mask and get tortured while bound to a table in a movie.  She went on to win a couple dozen awards as a performer and a few as a director.

She built her own network, called PervOUT and it was home to a ton of highly profitable movies that everyone had fun making. After a bunch of major life changes and one simple gender change, Lucy sold PervOUT in 2023 and moved to Brooklyn and launched Nice Feelings.

Adult Film will always be her favorite form of art and expression.  
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