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Presence & Demeanor with Neena De Ville

Latex & leather is great but presence is everything! Let Miss Neena De Ville give you the rundown on what it means to carry yourself like a true dominant. We all know that one person who walks in a room and demands attention without much effort. Will that be you?



55 minutes



What you are going to learn

Establishing a truthful, confident demeanor as a dominant

Are you struggling with imposter syndrome? Feeling imposter syndrome in regards to your dom/me/mx persona? Check out this lesson on confidence in presence and demeanor. 
Throughout this course you will learn about: 

  • Mastering your unique dominant presence
  • Establishing boundaries that lead to authenticity 
  • De-escalating when situations don't go the way you planned
  • Developing your skillset essential for true confidence 
Agent of sin. Power fetishist. Bondage enthusiast. Ethical findom. Founder of @nylon_house
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