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Public Play: Keeping it Kinky - Without Scaring the Vanillas! with Wiley Wolfe

Wish you could express your kinky self in public settings? Looking for ways to enhance your dynamic or explore play in ways that are safer for vanilla settings, out in the world or at home?



66 minutes



What you are going to learn

Come get stealthy with us!

We'll discuss vanilla-friendly ways to express and connect to our kinky selves and dynamics, covert protools and rituals, discrete play, designing a discrete kinky getaway, and more.

We will also highlight personal responsibility informed risk-awareness in regards to these public-facing expressions.

Mistress Wiley Wolfe

Mistress Wiley Wolfe (she/they) is a Professional Dominant, Fetish Performer, Human Animal Handler, and Polyamorous Primal Daddy based in the Los Angeles area. They are the Co-Founder of SoCal Creatures, an inclusive pet play community; The Observation Room, a themed immersive kink experience; and is the creator of Instinct LA, a budding primal community with a virtual support group.
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