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Career Longevity & Professionalism with Michelle Lacy

The world of Professional BDSM can feel intimidating and scary. S*x workers have had a long tradition of oral history, with the knowledge gained over the years passed down verbally to newer Dommes in houses, through apprenticeships, or at kink events. Michelle Lacy is arguably one of kink's Hall-of-Famers - and she's sharing the wisdom she's gained over the years with us. ⁠⠀



85 minutes



What you are going to learn

a class so popular it went into overtime...

This class feels like the warm embrace of a dressing room. Originally titled "Industry Secrets", this all-in-one primer covers eveeeeerrrrryyyyything. professionalism, scene building, client retention, even a little diy dungeon decor. A hilarious, candid interview with a true legend of pro-bdsm. 
Main takeaways

  • Dungeon setup
  • Professionalism from the initial email to the end of the session
  • Hilarious stories from over the years
  • Know what you don't know, and how to remedy that to give your clients top-notch experiences

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Just write it down, every client, every time. This will help you determine where to put more energy and effort into your practice.


For when your client starts to sweat/cry/faint. In a good way, of course. 

Smelling Salts

Like the water, but way more potent

Big Mirror

So they can watch you watch them in the mirror watching you watch them. 
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