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Distance Domination with Madame Rose

Whether you're worlds apart from your submissive or you're wanting to have more tabs on them while they're away from you, Distance Domination can bring many layers of deviance to your debauchery.



68 minutes 



What you are going to learn

Never did being apart make you feel so incredibly close.

There are plenty of ways we can keep tabs and create intimacy through the virtual sphere. Will the help of apps, surveillance, and the inventive ideas from Madame Rose's mind, the possibilities are endless
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • Who distance domination can be a useful tool for
  • How to build distance domination into your current dynamic
  • Different tactics for conducting a session virtually
  • How virtual domination works financially and logistically
  • How to set up the foundation and structure for distance sessions while respecting your own time.
A Midwestern-born, World-traveled, LA based lifestyle and professional Dominatrix. Trained in classic BDSM with emphasis on role play and immersive experiences
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