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Breath Play using Water with Oran Julius

Breath play is already edgy enough, but just add water? These two elements don't need to be as scary as they sound when combined. Oran goes over a variety of methods to create this sensation at different experience levels.



55 mins



What you are going to learn

Breath play is a big edge within fear play

There are many variations you can use with different accessories and set ups involving water, however - the necessary precautions, risk profiling, and level or preparation is entirely necessary to executing your scene.
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • The range and types of breath play and associated dangers
  • Risk profiles, safety, and nasal infections!
  • Body positioning for breath play
  • Different tools and accessories 
  • Mental edge play

Recommended Supplies

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Pulse Oximeter

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Water Filter

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Spray Bottles

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Netti Pot

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