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Sensual FinDom with Faustine Cox

Interested in FinDom but not in a humiliating fashion? Enter Faustine Cox demystifying Financial Domination and showcasing their own sensual approach and who it is for. Get your nets ready, you're going to want to capture all the good stuff about to come your way.



55 minutes



What you are going to learn

Learn how to set up your nets so you can start receiving the good stuff

Throughout this course you will learn

  • The difference between sensual and humiliation based FinDom
  • How to safety receive gifts and goodies without compromising your safety and privacy
  • Specific language to make Financial Domination more sensual
  • Motivations and strategies to create your own sustainable empire
  • How to start out when you don't have any admirers 
SAN FRANCISCO DOMINATRIX - Transformative Holistic BDSM - Cultivating Kinky Connection for 10 Years.
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