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Humiliation Myth Busting with Princess Kali

Separates the rumors from the facts and explains why some people think being completely awful is absolutely wonderful.



48 minutes



What you are going to learn

Separate fact from fiction from the Queen of Humiliation.

Kinksters who might be curious about erotic humiliation play often avoid exploring it (or avoid exploring it deeply) because it’s tied up in a long list of negative stereotypes about both the behavior and the people who engage in it. If these stereotypes have ever made you hesitate to explore your interests and desires, you’re not alone. 

Join Princess Kali for a short but informative class to help you reframe and rethink the most common myths about humiliation play so there are no longer obstacles standing between you and your fantasies and adventures.

Throughout this course you will learn...
  • the important distinctions between ideas such as embarrassment, humiliation, degradation, and objectification.
  • What it is that draws people to each ("Being human is really complicated. Being a lamp is not.")
  • A practical guide describing common forms of humiliation play with frank advice and suggestions.

Princess Kali
Author of Enough To Make You Blush, Making Bank Workbook, Authentic Kink, Yes No Maybe Workbook, Former Dominatrix, Owner of @KinkAcademy
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