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Chemical Play: Feel the Burn! with Miss Mackenzie

Have a tube of Bengay laying around? Chemical play can be as simple as fresh ginger from the grocery store. 



67 minutes



What you are going to learn

Feel the Burn!

Like most other forms of play, it doesn’t have to be all about inflicting pain. Chemicals can be fun to play with but it can also be dangerous. Get familiar with safety precautions and how to neutralize the sting in case things become too much.
Some other topics that will be discussed are: 
  • Incorporating pleasure with chemical play
  • How to ease into chemical play
  • Safety that can't be learned from Google
  • What you need to have on hand for a chemical play scene
  • Sadistic punishment ideas

Recommended supplies

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Benadryl Cream

Just in case the patch test wasn't robust enough. 

Baby Shampoo

Don't wash it off, that makes the sting worse. use this instead. 

Rhoto eye drops

For eyeball chemical play. when you really just need to get satan's piss riiiiiiight in there. 

Sweet Orange Oil

a gentle but firm irritation on the skin. 
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