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To Breathe or not to Breathe: a guide to Bagging with Oran Julius

The Mother of breath play is back again, this time with plastic.



51 minutes



What you are going to learn

To Breathe or not to Breathe

Curious about learning and/or experiencing the sensation of breath play with plastic bags?

Oran shows us how to engage in this type of edge play using plastic bags. 
Oran Julius (they/he) is a femmeboy himbo, multitasking maven, and creative dreamer. Oran is a thick, Black, queer, nonbinary, neurodivergent and disabled human.

He is a vers, queer slut and a true switch who loves to play with extremes, swinging from unsettling sadism to eager masochism. A role play enthusiast who embraces the term Mommy, they lean into the taboo and depraved. Oran is the founder of ColorBlock Films, an independent ethical porn studio based in NYC, designed to celebrate and center humans not often featured in porn.
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