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The Parallels of BDSM & Magick with Dia Dynasty




56 minutes



What you are going to learn

Is it BDSM or is it Magick? Turns out it's both.

Dia Dynasty shares with us how to supercharge your scenes by drawing parallels between Magick and BDSM, and laying a foundation anyone can use
Throughout this course you will discover:
  • How to create a container for scenes to concentrate impact
  • How to incorporate everyday objects into your magick
  • The significance of setting intention and creating spaces

Heavy Leather Flogger

When you need to car-wash out the emotional energy of someone. 

Taper Candles

use different colors to set different intentions with different results

Protective Bracelets 

Set a "pre-show" ritual to protect your energies. Black is especially shielding.

Black Towels

use these to help build your container and wipe off the outside world from a bottom
Wholistic Femdom Practitioner • Agent of Chaos • Shamanatrix • Femme Supremacist • Matriarch of @FemdomFarm
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