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Body Party: Parts Worship with Jessa Jordan

Jessa Jordan is throwing a party - you’re invited. Don’t neglect everything north of the feet, worship properly at BODYPARTY: Intro to Body Worship⠀



56 minutes



What you are going to learn

Worship doesn't have to be as simple as kissing a body part

and for that matter, the parts they worship don't have to be what you consider your "best" either...
Throughout this course you will learn

  • How your domination style can influence your body worship approach
  • Choosing which parts of your body you want to open to worship
  • How to accommodate for worship when your body(part) isn't in immaculate shape (if that is what is desired)
  • How to approach worship when you are distant (for clips or virtual domination)

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For those teacher student role-plays


Really lock in the good stuff before/during a scent worship session

Background lighting

A well lit clip is a better selling clip


so they can stay on the ground worshipping you longer. 
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