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S'mothering & Facesitting with Goddess Nyx

Smothered, Covered, Squished & Sat.
Your body is a weapon, let’s use it!



58 minutes



What you are going to learn

Smothered, Covered, Squished & Sat

Your body is a weapon, let’s use it!

Curves not required! Learn how to take your partner's breath away regardless of gender or physical form. From sensual and soft all the way to sadistic and humiliating, this is a versatile and fun form of breath control! Come learn how to mindfuck someone with your body!
This class will cover...
  • face sitting
  • chest sitting
  • smothering
  • squishing 
  • other forms of bodily breath control.

    We will be discussing general safety as well as specific instances of safe play in a scene, negotiation, communicating without safe words, etc. 

Goddess Nyx

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Goddess Nyx is a Los Angeles based dominatrix who combines obscenity with beauty to make ever evolving art through the medium of the human body. She has taught at DomCon LA, DomCon NOLA, FetCon & independently online. She prefers to back her kinky assertions with well researched facts whenever possible, while also drawing on her own personal experience.
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