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Knife Play with Ferris Oxide

Take your fear play to the next level by adding the visuals and sensations of knife play.



67 minutes



What you are going to learn

Knife play is a fun and fairly easy thing to do, but it is a serious form of edge play.

This class will discuss different types of knives to use during knife play, how to take care of them, safety and techniques for knife play that are both safer and sexier.
Ferris is a dominant switch and has taught workshops about communication, conflict resolution, restorative justice, cultural humility, and various hard skills at events throughout the Los Angeles area and beyond. When they aren’t stomping an eager masochist, they can be found wielding electrified knives and a wry smile.

As a queer, trans, disabled member of kink and leather communities, Ferris Oxide, current Mx International Olympus Leather works to create/support queer and intersectionally centered spaces.
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