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Sissy Play with Mistress Roxanne

Sissy play isn't all just frills and makeup, though sometimes it can be all frills and makeup. Mistress Roxanne takes assumptive gender out of the equation in explaining both their own draws to sissy play as well as the many ways they embody this with clients.



56 minutes



What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

There's nothing intrinsically humiliating about femininity. What's humiliating is the way that patriarchy treats femininity, which has a lot to do with the fear of femininity.
Throughout this course you will learn

  • Sissy as an identity versus play
  • The distinction and difference between sissificaiton & feminization
  • The role of gender fuckery in sissification and why it is not exclusive to cis-heterosexual men
  • The fun of dressing up
  • The sleepover sissy versus the coerced sissy
  • Saline breast augmentation, chastity, humiliation & other things that pair well with sissy play

Mistress Roxanne
Femdom extraordinaire and sissy whisperer with a twisted mind
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