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Dungeon Clean Up Crew with Shayla Lange

Want to make your dungeon owners happy? A good renter knows a good clean up process. Learn how to make spaces spick and span after your play!



70 minutes



What you are going to learn

Not all cleaning is created equal. Come for the cleaning horror stories, stay for the practical knowledge.

Cleaning will be a large part of your Domination career, whether you knew it or not. Learn how to make this as painless as possible while prioritizing safety!
Throughout this course you will discover:
  • The difference between cleaning solutions and which you should use for each type of material
  • How to be preemptive when preparing for a messy scene

  • The mistakes SO many dungeon renters make
  • How to communicate with your dungeon owner when something goes wrong (because it will)

Recommended Supplies

7 Days of Domination may receive a small commission from these links

Citrus-II All purpose Cleaner/Disinfectant

This shit is sooooooo good. Gentle on toys and leather while still killing TB, MP, HIV, etc. 

Color-change Sterilization Packets

You can use these in an autoclave, or a pressure cooker/instant pot for at home sterilization. 

Replacement Whip Crackers

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. swap out the crackers between bottoms.

Unlubricated Condoms

Keep your cheap toys from degrading or leeching oils
Shayla Lange is a Pro Domme, kink educator and owner of Chez La, a commercial dungeon and film studio in NYC. Her specialities include: hard sports, zany role plays and giggling mercilessly while her subs cry.
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