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Foot Domination & FJs with Katarina Pierce

Footjobs - love em or hate em, everyone knows they're a workout. The Domme Kat shows us how you don't need to be a contortionist or a yoga master to give great foot.



51 minutes



What you are going to learn

Time to get herky-jerky with our feet

When you need a hand for a session with your feet...
Throughout this course you will learn

  • The draw of using the feet within domination
  • Different positioning for foot domination that won't tire you out
  • The common ways we give foot jobs and why those tire us out
  • The foot job hack that will save your core and your quads!

Zentai Suit

just in case you wanted to play along at home with your very own pillow-stuffed body double

Callus Remover

For baby-soft feetsies

Ring Light

Arrange three of them to avoid unflattering shadows when filming from below

Pedicure Kit

Sand off some shavings and feed them to well-behaved fetishists 

Domina Katerina pierce

Pro-Domme, Wrestler & Kink Educator 
Katarina “theDommeKat” Pierce is an NYC-based, natural Dominant who will dazzle you with Her smile and cut you with Her wit. Domina is playful, creative and has enough of a sado-streak to keep things interesting. 
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