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DIY Bondage with Mistress Shayla

More than just pervertables, learn how you can make every day household items or a quick trip to Home Depot all you need for your bondage dreams.



52 minutes



What you are going to learn

Build a whole scene with household items 

Born out of a deep lockdown, Mistress Shayla shows you how to use everyday items to build a memorable scene. 
Main Takeaways

  • Determine what household objects you can use in scenes
  • Avoid common injuries
  • Restrain someone in several different ways 
  • Embrace silliness and humor in scenes
  • see Shayla's boob 
Shayla Lange is a Pro Domme, kink educator and owner of Chez La, a commercial dungeon and film studio in NYC. Her specialities include: hard sports, zany role plays and giggling mercilessly while her subs cry.
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