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Building Devotional Practices with Sybil Fury

Everyone talks about D/s but, how much do you know about real devotion? Sybil brings her worship enthusiasm and takes us to the next level of devotional practices. 



52 minutes



What you are going to learn

Want to take your worship and service practices to the next level?

Religious practices have been one of the ways that people across history and across space have made sense of the fact that they can feel there's something that is so much greater and richer and more profound in the world, but don't know where to locate it in their every day.
Throughout this course you will learn

  • How devotional practices differ from devotional dynamics
  • How adding these dynamics deepen your submissives worship practices
  • How to reprogram your submissives subconscious and their associations with the world around them to facilitate a really intense focus
  • How to facilitate spontaneous and intense feelings of arousal and awe even when you're not there

Recommended Reading

7 Days of Domination may receive a small commission from these links 

Hadewijch: The Complete Works

Hadewijch (A Beguine of the 13th Century) Belonging to the early thirteenth century, Hadewijch brings us a spiritual message of extraordinary power. 

Stations Of Desire: Love Elegies From Ibn 'Arabi And New Poems

Muhyiddin Ibn al-'Arabi was a prolific author who wrote on every aspect of medieval Islamic thought. Michael Sell's STATIONS OF DESIRE contains the first translations of Ibn 'Arabi's TURJUMAN into modern poetic English

The Visions, Revelations and Teachings of Angela of Foligno

Angela of Foligno was born in about 1248, twenty-two years after the death of Francis of Assisi, the saint on whom she was to model her life. With sudden deaths in her family, she felt called to follow a more religious and devout life, forsaking everything.

The Song of Songs: The World's First Great Love Poem

This new edition of The Song of Songs offers both a beautiful new translation and a definitive interpretation of this great love poem. The Blochs' translation, a combination of refined poetic resourcefulness and philological precision, brings us closer to the magical freshness of this ancient Hebrew love poetry than has other English versions.

Sybil Fury

Radical in the streets, Fascist in the sheets. NYC Pro-Domme. Admirer of the cerebral & the perverse. Co-founder of @veil_machine.
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