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Creative Role Play with Empress Wu

Not all kink play is the same 3 sets of roleplay. Empress Wu is here to show us the depths of creative role play. If you thought the hottest roleplay was doctor & patient, THINK AGAIN.



56 minutes



What you are going to learn

If the DnD kids could see us now...

Creative role-play is essentially world building in a BDSM space. This class is not on pedestrian basic role-plays like teacher-student, boss-employee etc... This is role-play that can never exist in reality because it is other worldly.
Throughout this course you will learn

  • Starting out with role-play if it is newer to you
  • How to integrate creative role-play into scenes
  • Role play without improv
  • The headspace for role play
  • Wow to approach or suggest role/scene play & get them into the mindset
Empress Wu is an Asian-American professional dominatrix based in NYC who specializes in breathplay, edgeplay, and psychological BDSM scenes.
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