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Lactation with Athénaïs Nin

Learn all the fun things you can do with milk, from pumping and nursing, to squirting and spraying, to crafting delectable treats.



73 minutes



What you are going to learn

We’ll discuss how to induce/promote lactation; how to use breast/chest milk to nurture, dominate, and connect.

A twist on playing with bodily fluids and a way we can hack our bodies and even experience gender-pleasure. Most discussions of inducing lactation are cisheteronormative and focused on the context of pregnancy and child feeding. This workshop explicitly centers trans bodies and lactation in the context of D/s and risk-aware consensual kink (RACK), with an emphasis on Mommy-little one dynamics and adult nursing relationships (ANRs).

Plus, the different ways lactation can be incorporated into scenes, including attachment play, food play, breeding, wet and messy play (WAM), and aftercare.

Athénaïs Nin

Athénaïs Nin (she/they) is a white, neurospicy, queer, kinky, transmisogny-affected leather femme, and a proud Mommy and polymorphously perverse slut with a literary disposition and penchants for carnality and decadence.

She delights in auralism, lactation, romantic sadism, muffing, thoroughly spoiling her little ones, and being, as one of her namesakes writes, “a courtesan depositor of multiple desires.”

She has a background in erotic literature and is an author and sex educator. A piece of their erotica, “Blood of the Divine,” is presently featured as part of AORTA films’ audio erotica experiment, HOTLINE.
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