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Meditation for SW with Robin Silver

with greatest hits like: self care you can do in handcuffs.



38 minutes



What you are going to learn

Because you need aftercare, too.

Part experiential learning, part lecture, Self-Care for SW aims to empower you to stay embodied & safe before, during, and after sessions.

Expect to come away with an understanding of...
  • the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
  • mind/body connection
  • several grounding exercises
  • ideas for your own self-care practices to be your most regulated self, personally & professionally.
Robin Silver (she/her) has an MA in Ecopsychology and mindfulness instructor certification from Naropa University. Robin’s work comes from the belief that we must tend to our psychological, emotional, spiritual, and ecological bodies as much as our physical body.

She is informed by her formal education, 5 years work experience in the mental health space, and an eclectic breadth of trainings and retreats undertaken around the US, Mexico, and Asia.
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