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Going Beyond Yes, No, Maybe with Princess Kali

Did you know making a session palpable takes more than a few commands? While Yes, No, Maybe can be a first stop, desires are not a single facet checklist. We need to stop treating them like they are. Who better than absolute LEGEND Princess Kali to showus how to do it.



72 minutes



What you are going to learn

Yes, No, Maybe list's are just the start of a negotiation.

A Yes, No, Maybe list can create a psychological buffer where no’s become less intensive and yeses become a jumping off point instead of a complete sentence.
Throughout this course you will learn

  • Why a single checklist may be limiting to your clients/partners
  • Why misunderstandings happen in first time sessions and how to plan so they happen less
  • The emphasis of feelings in relation to activities
  • How feelings can inform activities
  • What to do when your lists don't match up or don't have enough information
  • Creating a scene from a YNM list

Princess Kali
Author of Enough To Make You Blush, Making Bank Workbook, Authentic Kink, Yes No Maybe Workbook, Former Dominatrix, Owner of @KinkAcademy
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