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Domestic Servitude & Protocols with Daddy An Li

Not sure how to get gimpy to make your coffee properly? Want your human footstool to be a little more...comfortable? Those who serve, or those who like to be served will both enjoy this talk with Daddy An Li



49 minutes



What you are going to learn

Household labor made less of a headache

Service relationships take WORK - sometimes more so than a traditional dynamic. How can you trust someone to do a good job taking over your errands, your laundry, without micromanaging or making more work for yourself?
Throughout this course you will discover how classical artists:

  • where to find service submissives 
  • how to interview/vet a potential partner for a service dynamic 
  • Negotiation and boundary setting
  • Addressing safety concerns
  • Maneuvering common pitfalls and mistakes in this type of play

Daddy An Li

Bully-Next-Door, Professional Meanie, and Very Nice Dominatrix
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