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Blackmail with Amazon Maddox

Ever thought about being blackmailed CONSENTUALLY? Amazon Maddox will make you wonder why you haven't given this kind of kink play a try & if you should surrender those photos you keep in that folder on your desktop.



42 minutes



What you are going to learn

Blackmail is a type of edge and fear play

Learn how to extend blackmail play so it can be traced and dragged outside of a single use. Learn how to build understanding and trust before you work in this play.
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • The draws of blackmail
  • How to ease into blackmail play with a new person
  • How far is too far? Understanding limits and responsibility as a provider
  • Mindfuckery & Blackmail

Recommended supplies

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Polaroid Camera

For those instant photos you can publish or burn immediately


we have to dress up for our photos, don't we?

Audio Recorder

record their screams and cries and play it back for them for instant humiliation!

Nanny Cam

All hail our surveillance state overlords

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