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Mentorship with Tara Indiana

To be successful takes more than capability, it also takes direction. Tara Indiana has been been montored and mentored some of the best! In this talk, Tara sheds light on the importance of mentorship in a field where legacy & apprenticeship was once the only way in!



64 minutes



What you are going to learn

A mentor can help keep your mind, heart, and body healthy to know how to avoid burnout

Tara has been a pro for over 30 years, dominated over 10,000 men, trained over 1000 Professional Dominatrixes, and appeared in over 200 fetish films. For her mentorship started as a business necessity for running her own commercial dungeon.
Throughout this course you will learn:

  • The history and necessity of mentorship in the industry
  • What mentorship looks like today
  • How to go about finding a mentor & what to look for
  • The rewarding & soul crushing parts of mentorship.
Tara revolutionized the dungeon business by bringing a legitimate corporate culture and branding to what had been a seedy, underground business mostly controlled by organized crime. It was The first BDSM club to obtain a federal trademark, and the first, and, to date, only dungeon to go national as a chain. At its height it had flagships in New York City, Phoenix and Los Angeles. The Den of Iniquity is known for it's long list of celebrity Dominatrices, Porn Stars and Fetish Models
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