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Sutures: Turn that Pole into a Hole! with Odette Engle

Exploring the complex process of creating a chastity cage… out of flesh, otherwise know as genital suturing!
Sound complicated? It is! Please note for this class we will be using the example of a penis and testicles, but all genitalia can get stitched!



65 minutes



What you are going to learn

A small deep into a subculture of a culture...

Is It Kosher? is a fun, interactive lesson for goys and tribe alike! 
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • The range and types of breath play and associated dangers
  • Risk profiles, safety, and nasal infections!
  • Body positioning for breath play
  • Different tools and accessories 
  • Mental edge play
Dreamy Deviant.  Medical Fetishist.  Unusual Materialist.  Headmistress of Studio OVNI Full Dungeon and Medical Laboratory
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