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Clip Strategy with Elena De Luca

How many clips do you need? How often do you film? When does that income become PASSIVE? No matter if you haven't opened a clip store or you need a way to make your clip production more manageable, everyone can learn from this Clip Queen



August 6th, 8pm ET



What you are going to learn

Setting up a clip store can be intimidating.

How many categories should I try to occupy? How do I batch clips? Editing? How do I think of enough things to say?

Elena De Luca is a clip machine and has gone through all the trial and error to help you find a clip strategy for your needs.
Throughout this course you will learn

  • What you need before you launch a clip site
  • Which clip site(s) to use for your needs
  • How to (and not to) promote your clips
  • Pricing strategy for clips
  • A realistic look at the labor and payoff when it comes to clip revenue
  • How clips can support your in-person business

Elena DeLuca 
Professional Dominatrix, Kink Educator, Film Producer and Fetish Film Star. Based in New York City.
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