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Mummification with Oran Julius

Get all wrapped up in everything Oran Julius. Mummification as a form of bondage can bring sensory deprivation to a whole new level!



53 minutes



What you are going to learn

The many ways to mummify

Azalea Trix shows us how to engage in this type of extreme bondage, using Saran Wrap to build a sweet and silly tease scene. 
Throughout this course you will discover:
  • various types of materials used in mummification
  • ways to overcome common pitfalls like claustrophobia or dehydration
  • How to incorporate other types of play like fear and breath control into your scene. 

Stretch Wrap

A sturdy wrap is the backbone of any good immobilization. 

Bike Bell

a handy way for your bottom to tell you they're in distress, or they have to pee. (same thing) 

Safety Shears

because they have to come out sometime, you can't leave em mummified forever

bendy straw bottle

if you've done a good job, this is the only way they can really hydrate. 

Azalea Trix 
Filthy Femme Queen. Nurturing & Strict Mommy Domme. Taboo Role Play Enthusiast. Porn Performer.
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