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Bondage and Ritual to create a therapeutic experience with Audrey Fatale

Audrey knows a thing or two about restraining you! Rituals and bondage can be just what we need to get that relief we've been looking for. Hear more about this topic from death worker and heavy bondage dominant Audrey Fatale.



58 minutes



What you are going to learn

Enter an altered state of consciousness...

Audrey Fatale's background as a Death Worker has shone light on how transformative BDSM rituals and bondage experiences can be transformative and cathartic 
Main Takeaways:

  • Incorporating therapeutic tools into your scenes
  • Co-creating an energetic scene with your bottom
  • Utilize bondage, mummification and sensory deprivation 
  • Design appropriate rituals for each scene or partner
  • Getting "Into Character"
Dominatrix specialising in bondage, impact play, medical and rubber scenes in Melbourne, Australia.  I am a practitioner of traditional Female Domination with a sophisticated, modern edge - mingling gravitas, seduction and cruelty with effortless charm. 
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