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Bratty Clients with Lola Jean

The Brat whisperer discusses what to do when your client is being bratty in a professional setting.



62 minutes 



What you are going to learn

Bratting has it's place, but in a professional session?

Learn how to communicate, approach, and play with brats so you can stay sane in your work environment while your client is able to express themselves.
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • The difference between a bratty client and a bad client
  • The 6 types of Brat Motivations
  • How to set structure and boundaries with brats
  • Getting your bratty client to behave within the structure and boundaries
  • When to cut ties or walk away

Lola Jean
Sex Educator, Fetish Wrestler, and world recording holder for volume squirting (solo) bringing the no frills education to push you past what you think you're capable of.
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