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Nonverbal Communication with Ballerina Goddess

Learn the different types of nonverbal communication and how to use them in your kink lifestyle, scenes, sessions and even communicating to someone whose d/Deaf! You will learn terms and person centered language to use for and within the d/Deaf community. Additionally, learn some kink-friendly ASL signs!



46 minutes 



What you are going to learn

Nonverbal communication is 70-90% of all of our communication.

Deaf individuals have an exceptional ability to use and read nonverbal communication. They pick up on very subtle facial and body movements. An important aspect of body language is the use of “touch.” Touching another person is used in Deaf culture to greet, say goodbye, get attention, and express emotion. 
Throughout this course you will learn

  • The many ways we can communicate nonverbally
  • How this may be useful if the submissive goes mute in subspace and verbal communication is no longer an option
  • Specific kink scenarios built for non-verbal communication
  • How to be conscious and more inclusive of d/Deaf folk in kink spaces

Ballerina Goddess

One of America’s finest and most renowned Deaf performers, known for her interpretive dance, aerials, and rope self-suspensions.
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