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Piss Cocktails, CumCakes and other Filthy Recipes with Vivienne Vai

Blood sausages & Cream pies aren’t the only dishes at the dinner table BUT, these put the Blood & Creeeam in yummy dishes quite literal-ly Vivienne Vai will be giving us the secrets (and safer practices) to filthy recipes! Cum join us for more.....



69 minutes



What you are going to learn

Get creative with fluids by making festive treats

Martha Stewart can eat her heart out. Vivienne Vai takes creativity to a whole new level in this NSFW Cooking Class
Throughout this course you will learn
  • What recipes lend them selves to fluid additions
  • The shelf life and safety on these treats

Vivienne Vai 
Heartbreaker, Ballbuster, BDSM and Consent Coach
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