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SEPT 14TH Impact Play

Whether someone is a pain sloot or a beginner, impact play can be a reward just as much as a punishment. Bring the art of the tease into your impact play. Based on methods your impact play can feel like a massage or like pins and needles.In this IRL class we review different toys and methods of impact play.

From floggers to canes to a good old fashioned hand spanking, learn how to utilize each tool on multiple parts of the body.

We will cover - Back, Booty, Between the legs, and the Chest.

Tools we will use: hand, fists, crop, floggers, paddle, canes

SEPT 14TH - Domming 101

A special edition of Lola Jean's famed Domming 101 class (which is more of a 101-103 tbh) features a joint collaboration with 7 DOD and co-taught by Shayla Lange for a double header.

Understand the breadth so that you can explore the things that interest you (or your parnter) in depth. In addition to the understanding of how to go about exploring BeeDeeSM you will also walk away with techniques and soft skills to start lightly exploring this with confidence so that you can dig deeper into your deisred areas of interest. 

SEP 15TH - 17TH - Baby Dom/me/mx Bootcamp does TEXAS

Our famed bootcamp is headed down SOUTH. Over the course of 2.5 days we will harness the power of our personas, tie up our branding, and give our communication skills a big old enema.
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