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Connecting with Your Strap with Mistrix Sunmi

TLDR: learn how to cum while wearing a strap!



48 minutes



What you are going to learn

There’s lots of pleasure & gender euphoria to experience for strap-on wearers.

Strap-up! Mistrix Sunmi will cover tips & tricks to best connect to your strap-on. This class explores finding the right fits for your needs, pleasure for tops, positions to try, & connecting to your cock. Class is for people of all genders & body types.

Mistrix Sunmi
Mistrix Sunmi (she/the) moves through the world as a professional dominatrix & leather dyke artist. Her home base is in Baltimore, but they frequently corrupt the east coast from DC to NYC. They are known for their energetic perverse presence, throwing whips & slinging strap. Her passion for training, corruption, & intimacy guide her domination style and art work.
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