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Trans Dominant Roundtable:
Non-binary Dominants

7 Days of Domination is bringing together a group of TGNC (Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People) Dominants for a roundtable series to highlight the many ways TGNC Dominants can conduct their practices, the unique challenges they may face that their cis counterparts do not, and their learnings over the years.



80 minutes



Want to connect with your fellow TGNC colleagues?


What you are going to learn

In the vast career of Pro Domination there are a myriad of ways one can conduct their practice

There is no one-size-fits-all no matter your identity. Everyone doesn't have it all figured out and there are plenty of options out there beyond what is presented. This is not a class or a panel about "how I made it" or "how to do it" but more an open discussion among non-binary dominants about the ways they run their practice. 
This roundtable will discuss topics like:

  • Does your persona in your practice differ from your regular persona?
  • What do you do when clients misgender you (email, vs in person, etc..)
  • Do you feel you have to present/perform a gender to make more money?
  • What challenges did/do you face?
  • How do you feel enby joy?

Meet the Roundtable

Mx. Aerys (Air-Riss)

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@yaz.thehuman (IG)
@thenonbinarydom (twitter) 
A Middle Eastern, Queer, Non-Binary dom from Toronto, Canada working out of The Ritual Chamber. They are most passionate about working with other queer and trans folks and believe that kink and BDSM are tools to grow, play, and heal. They prefer leather over latex, love a good pair of platforms, and have a growing collection of gloves. Mx. Aerys is a also a sex/polyamory educator, movement facilitator and have also worked in film/tv as a host and intimacy coordinator.

Vivienne Vai

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@viviennevai (IG/TWitter)
Heartbreaker, Ballbuster, BDSM and Consent Coach in SF, LA, & beyond
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Oran Julius

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@juicyfruitoran (twitter & IG)

A Black, queer, disabled and neurodivergent, non-binary femme. An experienced lifestyle player who loves to play with extremes, swinging from unsettling sadism to gentle caregiving. A role play enthusiast who embraces the term Mommy, they lean into the taboo and depraved.
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@octavian_nyc (twitter)
Shapeshifter domme, rubber creature. Unusual and friend of the fetishistic and bizarre. ASSfixiator and mummifier.

Rogelio Ruckus

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@DaddyPapiMxster (IG) 
@RogelioRuckus (twitter)
Rogelio Ruckus (aka: Daddy Row) is a trans-masculine Professional Dominant and kink educator with over 10 years of professional dominance across the east and west coasts. He is co-founder of Ruckus Pet Pack, an exclusive social club for trans and non-binary pet players, core leadership for Obsidian LA, board member for Folsom Street, the first Los Angeles based Mx. title holder as the first and current Mx. Cruise Los Angeles Leather. 
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