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Trans Dominant Roundtable:
Trans Kink Workers

7 Days of Domination is bringing together a group of TGNC (Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People) Dominants (and some Pro Subs!) for a roundtable series to highlight the many ways TGNC Kink Workers can conduct their practices, the unique challenges they may face that their cis counterparts do not, and their learnings over the years.



64 minutes



Want to connect with your fellow TGNC colleagues?


What you are going to learn

In the vast career of Kink Workers there are a myriad of ways one can conduct their practice

There is no one-size-fits-all no matter your identity. Everyone doesn't have it all figured out and there are plenty of options out there beyond what is presented. This is not a class or a panel about "how I made it" or "how to do it" but more an open discussion among trans kink workers (both dominants and submissive) about the ways they run their practice. 
This roundtable will discuss topics like:

  • When it comes to disclosure when (and possibly how) do you choose to tell your clients you are trans (if at all)?
  • What do you do when clients misgender you (email, vs in person, etc..)
  • Do you feel you have to present/perform a gender to make more money?
  • Facing gender trauma or triggering clients
  • Colleague facing interactions & finding opportunities as a trans person

Meet the Roundtable

Billy Lore

Follow him:
@billylore (IG)
@billylore_ (twitter)
A Philly-based sex educator and porn maker with an overdeveloped sense of curiosity and a big mouth. He centers trans pleasure, authentic communication, playful kink, and queer joy in all of his work, while his teaching style prioritizes inclusivity, accessibility, harm-reduction, and humor. He uses storytelling to engage the audience, and metaphors and pop culture references to break down complex topics into digestible concepts. You can find him engaging in dorky discourse on sex, dating, and masturbating every week on The Dildorks and you can follow him online on Twitter @BillyLore, on Instagram @BillyLore_, and at


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@_EvanMarie_ (TWITTER)
Evan is a femme transmasc phone sex operator, pro dom and full service provider. They have been a direct provider for 7 years but in the industry since they were 19. They're also an academic/scientist, cat lover, queer slut, and angsty leftist.
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Mira Maven

follow her:
@Mira_Maven (IG) 
u/MiraMaven (Reddit) 
MiraMaven (Tumblr)

Mira is a professional submissive, model, and porn Performer based in the Philadelphia metro area. Sure practices both professionally and personally and specializes in heavy and extreme BDSM play and Sadomasochism.
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Dahlia Damoiselle

a Brooklyn-based trans-femme poetess and educatrix by day, and dominant/erotic performer by night. Her work seeks to reclaim trauma and summon joy one soul at a time. Her films have been selected for Porn Film Festival Berlin, San Francisco Porn Film Festival, and Porn Film Festival Vienna among others.

Previously, they had served in the Army of the American Empire, fighting in its War of Terror, consequently radicalizing them against militarism and nationalist hegemony. When she’s not feeding off the souls of mortals, they labor on literary work centered on violence, injustice, and inequity. As an educatrix, she works to raise an army of vengeful revenants to break the shackles of oppression.

They live with their two feline familiars.

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