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Vore & Cannibalism with Empress Wu

The act of consuming another is incredibly intimate. Wu's bread and butter is making you her bread and butter. Find out how to craft this ultimate fantasy role-play to feel anything but.



56 minutes



What you are going to learn

Look so good you could eat them up

“While my mouth is open, he gets lost among my teeth, sliding down my throat, not being able to escape my mouth."
Throughout this class you will discover:

  • The various types of Vore play
  • Motivations for tops and bottoms
  • A psychological primer on our relationship to food, desire, and consuming


we've found these are great pervertables, regardless of how edible the victim is

The Lesbian Body

A study of portals and desire

Cupping Set

it's how you grow blood slugs

Mukbang: The Game

in case you needed some food-related onomatopoeia Inso
Empress Wu is an Asian-American professional dominatrix based in NYC who specializes in breathplay, edgeplay, and psychological BDSM scenes.
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